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I finished this board ,a 04 Acid wood deck, thought I would update my task. The Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer was applied over the Austrailian Pine which is .6 mm thick according to Starboard, I removed the Tiki sticker and stripped the wood down by sanding. I applied a oil based stain "Natural Oak" to offset some differences in color, worked somewhat. This CPES cost $38.00 for 2 pints which gets mixed 50/50, recommended are vinyl gloves, a respirator, the company that makes this is in California & they have great customer service,Smith and Co, recommend a painters suit, wet the floor, hang a plastic ceiling, have doors and windows closed, all this to prevent dust. Use a disposable natural bristle brush, I found the cheapest ones lost too many bristles, so went for a $4.00 one for the last of the 3 coats. The CPES is easy to spread, it is like water, but starts to dry pretty quick, it does lump up, so the final coat from the previous 2 was still a little uneven, not concerned since the final layer is Re-Dek. The area on the Acid between the footstrap is wood and was discolored a lot, I painted it in the colors of the board in a loose pattern, similar to the Acids , sort of zebra stripe, this turned out quite well. I'm fairly convinced that this is the BEST product for this, but it is extensive to go this far, particularly on a older board, it was a lot more involved that I thought, but then aren't all projects. The area where the nose Tiki sticker WAS, had shaded the wood, so now without a sticker at all it has a negative Tiki. My Dad was a painter and furniture refinisher, so as his helper I have a background in this stuff, so its concept not new, still involved. What Iam really pleased especially after the time/work and money spent that it looks super, and I think will fix the problem on the pine laminate. So yes overall worth it.
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