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Hmm. I thought Bruno De Wannemaeker's post was pretty well-reasoned, so I'm suprised by the strong negative response he got in post #4. I guess it's tough to please everyone.

Also, I agree with Post #7. Changing the equipment really wouldn't impose much extra cost, because the Olympic riders have to get new hulls and sails all the time as it is.

-Here's a concern I have, though: Would one-design-formula exacerbate the problem of random minor variations in manufacturing having big effects on performance, i.e. having to buy 10 "identical" fins to find one good one? Or is that no less problematic with longboard and hybrid equipment?

-Here's another thing: I heard from an RS:X rider who said the Bic Hybrid was a lot nicer than the RS:X both in the breeze and in daggerboard mode. Since that's already an existing class I wonder if they'll vy for 2012 Olympic status. Same thing with the Kona class; everyone seems to love sailing the Kona, including me, and they make it competitive for different weight people with their weight class / sail size rules.

However it turns out, I think the board selection process will be exciting to watch. It was fun to see all the weird designs they tested before picking the RSX. I wonder if Starboard is just going to enter a formula / apollo design, or if they will also enter a full-length longboard.

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