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Hang on
If there was to be a change, are we talking about changing the board or changing the whole kit?
Only the board needs to be changed.
I think the mens rig is OK and the womens rig is good. Don't change these.

The board is very slow until it planes and when it starts planning it points very low. Its embrassing around the other olympic classes. Now that the tornado is gone we should be the premier class in terms of speed.

A better fin and a smaller centreboard is the first change.
These two changes are minor and would make planning upwind occur sooner to be more formula like.

The next change would be to make the board lighter.

but if this happens everyone will buy a new board so the shape should changed aswell, so the tail should be widen to support a more powerful fin.

I would support I hull, fin and centreboard change.

Another change is the mast track could be shorter, I rarely use the first 3 positions but I'm not sure if the women use these positions.
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