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Hi Roger
While we are talking Carves here I thought i'd ask a couple questions about my experience with the carve 131. Ive had the board 2 years but feel like its only the last couple of weekends ive started to enjoy it (ie im learning). Part of the problem has been that Ive been sailing it at the upper end of its range (6.0m) and now I have a nice 7.0 North natural freeride sail and its a lot nicer. Still very choppy in these conditions, too much board really. (15-22 knots), stock 48cm fin.
what I've noticed is that when planing I'm having trouble maintaining side/side trim. The windward rail tends to sink a bit. I tell myself that I'm not committing enough to the harness and try to sink into it more, but that seems to kill speed a bit. My ankles start to drag and the result is that the board makes a slow arc to windward where I usually stall and scramble out of harness and footstraps. To combat this I've started to pull my backfoot out of the back strap and place it in front and more centreline. This helps because I can press on my backfoot toes to try and flatten the board off. (not ideal situation though, with foot out of strap). Pushing my front foot away also helps, I guess because it bears off, so the boards gets better speed and lift.
By the way, the mast is set more forward in the track (the board is virtually uncontrollable in centre or back with the 7.0m). Any thing else you suggest to help board trim?
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