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News from my Evo62:
I rode it in all kind of conditions you can find in southern France. From 3.7 overpowered to 4.7 light wind and 1 to 6ft waves (and a bit more...)with side to sideonshore wind.
It works perfectly. Great confort and control in chop and in the air.
You can always hit the lip even in onshore condition. No spin out during the bottom in overpowered and good waves conditions, smooth feeling in the curve actually.
I found the blance of the board quite impotant to check. With my 4.7 the feeling was kind of heavy and the board pushing water. I just moved the mast a bit forward and get the same feeling back than with my 4.2 and 3.7: the perfect gliding.
I also get a new fin harder than the original one, a K-One (21.5), which gives for me better performance in onshore or light conditions.
I just love the balance of this board.

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