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Default RE: For Ian F: Drake Fins


I am an average guy, jumping in this discussion just because I own and ride the Drake Slalom Pro 32 (supplied as stock with my Sonic 95) and Deboichet SL2 30, 32 and 34. Can't tell anything about the SR6b.

In my experience, sailing a Sonic 95 with a powered up 6,6 (TR-2) in moderate windswell and trying to let the board go fast, feels like one is walking on the edge of a knife with the Drake Pro, and like sitting in a very comfortable sofa with the Debs. On the other hand, I reckon the Drake Pro is a much more forgiving fin in confused waters and has an overall "easy" feel in more moderate conditions, while the Debs have a more "sporty" feel and need the rider to know what he is doing. The Drake Pro also feels slightly "bigger", probably due to less sensitivity towards angle of attack. The reason why I choose the Deboichet SL2s is: tested and proven, 100% reliable performance. Now the Drake Pro layup is being modified for 2007, so who knows.
In the end, it's "horses for courses", in a very subtle way (after all, the Drake Slalom Pro design is licensed by Deboichet and similar to the SL2). What I mean is: do yourself a favour and choose what is best for you accordingly to your sailing attitude. Should you decide to go for the SL2, check Deboichet for prices: in my case they were not that far from those of the Drake Pros. Phone call them (during daytime in France!): at times, their e-mail answers are not as prompt as one may desire. And, well, yes, in my case it took 11 weeks from order to delivery; but I ordered them in Spring, when I supposed most orders are placed (and among them those from top team riders).
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