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Default Rider weight - Sail size - Board Volume Relationship

Originally Posted by Ian Fox View Post
Hi Sturle,

As for the size choice, you could very well take the Futura111, especially if you will often be on 7.5m. For 6.5m/7.5m OverDrive (grunty powerful sails) the sweetspot Futura size is definitely 111 rather than 101. 101 is a valid choice, but be aware that the 7.5m OD really will have you at the upper (sail size) sweetspot limit- still sailable but not as sweet as 111.

Cheers ~ Ian
Hi Ian,

This question, and your reply is really interesting to me because I am considering the same boards for use with a 7.5 . The difference is though, I am only 66 kg, so I have been wondering about the relationship between rider weight - sail size - and board volume ?
Are the recommended sail sizes for boards based on an average sized rider ?
For instance, would a 7.5 be closer to the sweetspot on the F101 if it was being ridden by a 66 kg sailor rather than 80 kg ?

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