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Thx Remi,
I believe there is a market for Xlight boards for Xlight day and places, i-e guys like me will pay for that. Look at the generalisation of the "pro-model" boards in the line-up for brands like JP, Fanatic or even Mistral and Naish now. It shows that even non racer will like to have the best available in terms of rigidity and weight too.
I understand your focus for now, but maybe you guys will find time for a limited ed or "pro" model for the Appolo for example.
I also agree with you for sails. Looks like around 10m2 and optimized for light wind is the direction and best compromize , for now (weight is also a factor as 12m2 are quite heavier than 10m2).
Where I live now, we only have lacs and light wind, so I am particularly interested in Xlight wind perf and evolution.

Best regards,
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