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My earlier comments, justifying why formula should be considered for the Olympic board demonstrated my limited knowledge about Olympic class sailing.

I assume that for the RSX class, there is only on sail and one fin allowed. That certainly limits the wind range for the board and would not make a 12 m sail a good choice for light wind since it wouldn't work in 20 knots for most racers. Same issue with an 80cm fin.

This begs the question - why not two sails and two fins? Other sailing classes have multiple sails (main, jib, spinnaker) and they can choose to use one, two or three depending on the wind speed and point of sail. I guess they can also reef the main sail in strong winds, which in effect is like rigging a smaller sail. Why not give the windsurfers the same option?

Easier said than done - politics, etc.

Just some thoughts.
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