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Hi Andrews,
With only a 7.0 m2 rig, your choices are going to be quite difficult.
I'm sure the Carve 161 is much to close in performance and volume to your current GO 190.
The GO 139 could be OK (as crazychemical suggests) but the weight of a Tufskin board (when you and your GF are already accustomed to a FAST technology board) is going to be a little hard to take.
I think I'd look for perhaps another used GO (smaller like 140 liters) for your GF and get her the smaller 5.0 rig.
Since she is significantly lighter in weight, she can get going in much less windspeed with a smaller narrower board and smaller rig than you can at 90 Kg.
The smaller board will work for you right to the top of it's range (20 knots).
If you choose to go with a smaller Carve or Futura, I think 122 or 133 are the best sizes for the both of you.
Hope this helps,

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