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Thanks for the lesson in Olympic class sailing. Valid points and since I have never been on the beach at an Olympics, it's hard to imagine how it all works. I can see why windsurfing would not get special treatment.

Actually, I am not opposed to longboards being the Olympic class board. I would prefer it to the RSX and think that a longboard would do more to promote windsurfing and racing throughout the world than the RSX. The concept of the RSX is good, but from what I have read and seen, I don't think it does what everyone really hoped for.

I raced longboards for 19 years before moving to Formula. The down side of the longboard for me was that I only got on it to race. Free sailing wasn't much fun. Then when Formula came along, I now spend 70% of my free sailing time on the Formula board because it is so much fun if I have at least 10 knots of wind.

Olympic class worlds will always bring in a good number of racers because the opportunity to race together is pretty limited. I would guess that 25% or more of the RSX owners world wide probably go to the worlds, since so many are Olympic hopefuls. At the formula worlds, probably 98% of the Formula sailors don't go because they have plenty of local racing opportunities and stand nothing to gain by traveling around the world.

All of this is speculation and I have no facts to support my comments, just my estimation of how it probably plays out. I just like the debate.
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