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Thanks Ellen and Roger
heres the video

not great but you may be able to pick out at the beginning how the board is riding slightly windward rail down, quite common for me. As I approach the shore I sheet out to prepare for landing. the video has revealed for sure I am not committing enough, and you can clearly see where the rig pulls me up on my feet, over the board. I will certainly think about my heels too Ellen and yes in my haste to settle the board down after hooking in, I'm probably leaning out and weighting them too much.

Roger - ok, if you think it will help I'll try again with the mast more back in the track. It seems to make getting hooked in more difficult because as soon the board planes the tail is wagging from side to side.

sailing on this port tack back to the beach was a lot more comfortable than heading out when the chop was head on. Thats was when the carve 131 really felt big. The video doesn't really show just how big the chop was.

My harness lines feel good Roger,I have been able to relax my arms and the rig feels quite balanced with no hand grip for a few seconds. I've worked hard at tuning them. If I could just get the board a bit flatter I would feel much more confident with the back foot in the strap.
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