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Default longboard confusion

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I'd like to hear a bit more about that Bic. I've noticed it did well racing in France against all other hybrids, despite lower tech construction than the RSX. There again it seems anything picked for Olympic use has to be reinforced for serious pumping use (abuse?) so would end up too porky for the rest of us. Whcih probably also explains why although the RSX rig seem to be good aerodynamically it's sure heavy. Many 10.5's feel lighter.
I too am looking at getting back into longboard sailing locally after years away from that aspect of windsurfing., but i am not sure where to throw my money and i dont really want to throw it at just anything.
I've looked at the bic , seems pretty low tech . but impressive that the thing can perform if that can believed . The RSX is getting some weird reviews, maybe weird is the wrong word how bout bad reviews . Could have bought one used, whole kit for 1500 uSD but owuld i ahve to hollow the board outr line it with carbon and fuill it with hydrogen for it to be competitive??
I gave my Mistral Comp SST away years back and traded it in for an early formula., love my formula, but they have changed alot since the 1st boards , and from a pocket book perspective i am glad i dont follow every trend id have bought 4 hulls to remain current i am sure.
the thing that bugs me is last years "hot" longboard is supplanted by this years latest greatest.
For example last years phantom longboard is shorter and less volume then either version this year. I found a 2007 used BUT for a big guy like me if i have last years everything else being equal, and race aginast this years version ( whihc a guy in my area is saying he will be buying ) can i compete?
Computers seem to be a better buy obsolescece wise!!
i take some consolation from this website
it seems old mistral equipe IIs can keep up with the lastest f-2 and starboard longboards. Howver there are some variables that are not mentioned. ie: wind strength , and weights of sailors of each set of kit.

Anyone have an old equipe 2 ??
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