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Hi Mitchiedog,
Yes, video can reveal what's really going on in painful detail.
If you stand that tall all the time, it's pretty clear that you probably have never really experienced the amount of support your rig can provide, and since you don't have it fully raked back and you aren't getting all your weight on to the rig, you also probably have never experienced what full mast foot pressure can do.
You are in for a major change in paradigm here.
When you get out again, try to get the rig all the way back to where the foot of the sail is parallel to the water (or the deck of your board).
You are going to have to really concentrate on making the board flat to the water (rail to rail or the "roll" axis) because as you bring the rig back more, any upwind rail down situation is going to make the board "crank" upwind in a heartbeat.
If nothing else, try to start off with your board going further downwind.
That's not going to be a probolem becuase we have established that you can get back upwind real easy.
Also, try the inboard footstrap positions as being a bit closer to the center of your board can help you to not rail the board so much.
Ultimately, you will probably want them outboard, but until you get beyond the current issues inboard might be alot better.
Hope this helps,
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