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Cool low carb weight loss and beer alternates

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by the square of the speed so low-end speed is important.

And the weight of the sailor AND GEAR (not just board weight) is vital, and the extra 8kg or so of a longboard is less important when viewed against the 90kg or so of the slalom board + sailor unit.
one of the main points weigh all upkit and sailor is key.
that being said ., years ago me and a friend discussed a strategy to lighten optimise our kits ( him an Equipe myself a Comp SST) after being regularly horizoned/ killed by the local 90 lbs weakling on light airs races.
After some brainstomring and checkin the bank account or lack thereof, we put our heads together and realized instead of lighter equipment at premium prices, it was better for us to just lose weight.
plain and simple.
So we went on low carb diets: stayed off the nachos and beer, switched to tuna salad and vodka tonic and lime,.
One big problem ,which any beer drinker funds out when they try hard liquor. Beer drinkers are used to consuming "volume". being a Canadian and used to drinking large volume of beer the vodka route turned us into annialated drunks.
We lost weight but lost our ability to sail.

so the best laid plans of mice and men or rather thirsty Canadians had gone awry.
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