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Unhappy Windsurfing a fringe sport!

I think windsurfing has evolved into a fringe sport! I see it every
day here in Corpus Christi. Twelve years ago, on a windy day it would
be hard to find a parking place at the most popular venues. Now, we're
lucky if you see 5 or 6 cars at the most popular sites. There used to
be 4 windsurfing shops here but now there is just one, Worldwinds at
Bird Island. Lucky for us it is a good shop with enthusiastic people!
Some windsurfers just flat burned out on the sport and moved on to
other hobbies. I had a guy call me yesterday trying to sell all his
windsurfing gear. He got into motorcycles in a big way and has no
interest in windsurfing and he sail hard and often for 8 years. Some
windsurfers got old and just can't muster the enthusiasm to hit the
water. Some switched to kiting and some moved to the mountains. Some
never made the switch from thinking of it as an "Xtreme Sport" to
letting it be a "Life Sport", The one thing we all failed to do was
bring new, young people into the sport to keep the stoke alive. Many
people tried, but windsurfing just didn't seem to connect with the new

Also, a couple years of light winds didn't help! This year is shaping
up to be more like one of the great years like "back in the day"!
Since January I've sailed about 3 days a week, with 2 of those days
being in wind in excess of 30 mph! Today it was winds 26 to 35 mph
with gusts near 40!

So, yes, my opinion is "it has become a fringe sport", but heh, it's
my fringe sport!
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