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Default the hard to do, so i'll do somthign easy factor

Where i live in Canada theres 6 to 8 guys that sail here, in a city of 125,000 people.
talk about fringe !!!
Most people like sports that are easy. Tradtionally sports in this northern Canadian town in the summer are baseball ie: slowpitch in the summer ,and fishing hunting if those are sports!
There easy to do and dont take much effort.
even skiing up here has taken a backseat to snowmobiling ,used to have 5 ski hills 20 years ago now theres 2!!!!
skiing being alot harder to master then operating the throttle of a snowmobile. Snowmobilign a heelof alot more expenisive .
i guess thats why jetskiis are so popular with the redneck crowd as a water activity, again i wont call it a sport.
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