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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
NP are changing the board,I dont know for better or worst
the 49er is changing aswell it is getting a full carbon mast and new mainsail

its a pity the finn and 470 didn't constantly evolve instead they are like opening time capsules. Ha Ha
49er is a skiffy type boat, so would benefit from improved technology; plus of course the earlier versions were prone to falling to bits.

On the other hand, the Finn is the only heavyweight sailor's option, and while it has also included fancier sails, lighter masts and so on, the reality is the hull shape is old school heavyweight.

They are a fantastic class representing most of what the olympics is about; for people wanting speed there are 49ers and boards and there used to be the tornado. Surely the olympics is not only about the latest and greatest...otherwise we'd have:
- musto skiff big man boat
- moth foiler medium size man boat
- 49er or better still an R or 12 2 man boat
- tornado or F18 cat
- Shaw 650 with wires or similar keelboat/sportboat
- various windsurfing appliances

I don't see this is particularly close to what the olympics should be about. Long live the finn. Unlike the Yngling it is a beast of boat that I am not man enough to sail.

Windsurfing is somewhat unique in that the gear doesn't last more than a few years anyway, sometimes less than a year, and is relatively cheap. So if any class should go through updates, then windsurfing is probably it. Race ready tornado giong around the world....forget about it, you could run 2 or 3 board campaigns for the cost of the container!
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