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The problem is, that most of the vacation rentals on the North Shore have been, officially, shut down, because they are in violation of the established zoning ordinances. In reality, most of them are still operating, just not advertising, for fear of drawing attention. I am going to give you a local tip: Look through the "for rent" advertisements on, in the regular "for rent" section, and, if something kinda sorta sounds like a vacation rental, i.e., it has a good location, it's furnished, it's recently renovated, immaculately maintained, does not require a lease, and so on, call them, and ask them if they would be willing to do a short-term rental. Kinda like the way someone looking might ask a guy wearing a "Legalize it!" t-shirt if he has anything to share. The Maui City Council has created a black market, for vacation rentals! An this is how the vacation rentals are advertising, without advertising.
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