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Del Carpenter
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Default RE: Gybing a 150 to 175 liter board.

To me the easier board to jibe is the one that is the most stable so I won't fall in as often. Samba's and Calypso's are long (320 cm or 10 ft 6 inches) and narrow (25 inches wide or 64 cm). I don't need any experience at all on a Samba or Calypso to know it will be easier for me to jibe any more board that is 70 cm (28 inch) wide or wider that has a length of at least 250 cm (8 ft 4 inches) and is no longer than the Samba or Calypso. The board that is wider with enough length to be stable will be easier to jibe, not necessarily faster to jibe, just easier.
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