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Default kihei

Shred here ,
i am not getting into this fight .
I am more of a free choice guy.
Hey ever been to Maui, lets face it, maui attracts MILLIONAIRES yep millionaires.
I dont mean people with ONE million dollars , they are the ones buyingi a condo in the baha . Were tlaking MULTI MILLIONAIRES . So some bloke buying property and paying it off through rentals isnt really driving prices up "island wide" get real. The people although visible are in the MINORITY.
What about the families trying to make ends meet and having someone in there renovated garage now cottage.
AND is the counrty going to close down the backyard mechanic lawnmover repair guy, he/she probaly not zoned either. well its OK until the county says its not.

But anywho each i am staying in kihei this year........
yeah kihei.
the place i was supposed to stay said they arent doing the rental thing.
if life gives you lemons you make lemonade, kihei may be nice.

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