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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Dave & Ceri,

I did read their report and you are correct it sounds as if they did file a protest, however my point is that by staying at the regatta they had the opportunity to continuing to protest if the rules bellow aren't adhered to.

Class Rules from the FW website:

2.2.1 If the wind speed is less than 7 knots in the
starting area at any time during the last minute
prior to the starting signal, the start shall be
abandoned .
2.2.2 Wind speeds shall be taken from a drifting boat
from approximately 2 metres above the sea
2.2.3 The Race Officer shall ensure that the wind is
measured over as much of the course area as
possible .

1.7 Pumping
If pumping becomes the main method of propulsion
the race shall be abandoned

Also if only one windmeter was used that is insuffient in my mind since it was the world championship and at the very least the RC should have windmeters at the startine, upwind and downwind marks. What else can be done. Also I don't understand how " a majority of the sailors" could be ignored? If they were then I understand but doesn't a majority win during a protest and the facts are the facts. If the wind was measure at 3m instead of 2m then there isn't any room for argument.


Are their some rules that could be more rigidly enforce so that their is less subjectivity to what is and isn't a "fair" race. This is supposed to be fun after all.
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