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Come on C249, let's be fair. I know you have a recurring bone to pick with the windsurfing industry, but you have to admit that many of the leading brands have a full array of board designs for all the possible conditions out there, including the very very light wind scenario. I find it hard to buy the concept that the industry is unduly twisting the customer's arm to make poor decisions.

Really, its up to the customer to pick what's right for their local venues. I think that you need to give the customer more credit here, as most windsurfers are adults who take responsibility for their decisions.

Of course, the windsurfing industry is trying to sell new product, and I think that makes sense from a business standpoint, but customers can elect to buy from a used market if they see a better value for their needs. Without a doubt, many do that and are quite happy with the older gear they acquire. When it comes down to it, when the session is over and there's a smile on someone's face, that's all that matters.
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