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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Yeah we know Gonzalo. He came to AUS and mowed down a starboard tacker in typical pro arrogance (however some pros are the nicest guys) didn't do penalty turns and put on the whole bullying act which is typical of him not just with other competitors but race comittees and management. He left AUS leaving a bad taste with many vowing never to race formula again. Many here don't recognize his result in that regatta.
So If Gonzalo reports himself that Formula is going down and this is a very sad situation then maybe he should look towards himself for this demise.
If only for himself so his sponsers dont drop him then he will have to stay home in ARG.
He should be promoting formula and his equipment so in turn that translates to sales for F2 and NP. He should say nothing or something like formula is great in lows wind but unfortunately I missed the very few changes I had it was very dissapointing for me as I am known to be an excellent light wind sailor but next seasons will be great.

But who would buy his setup now, not me.
Maybe he should have gone to Gaastra to like Steve Allen.

Blowing of steam is one thing, writing a essay on the Starboard forum name calling the RD is another thing.

Its not as bad as Gal Fridmans fall from grace but you know...
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