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Hi again Anthonya:
Glad to be of service here! Thanks for your kind words. I just love to see
kids out windsurfing. They are indeed the future of the sport.
The reason I wanted your weight was to see how possible it will be for you to "ride along" on the front of the board.
Since 84 Kg. is 185 lbs, you are going to be very close to "overweight" on a GO Large.
Are there any '01/'02 Start boards available to you.
They have the best "front end float" so would make probably the best platform for someone your size to "ride along" sitting/kneeling just in front of the mast foot.
What year model GO L do you have.
Some of them were nearly the same as the big Starts and may also have good volume up ahead of the mast slot.
Another posibility might be some sort of older longboard, but then you don't get the cushy EVA deck (good for your kid, terrific for your knees).
I suppose you could add a suction cup bath tub pad on the longboard to give your knees and the seat of your shorts a more grippy, softer surface.
I often sit with my legs and feet back beyond the mast base to move my weight as far back as possible, but I only weight about 75 kg.
Hope this helps,

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