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> how that old dacron sail really stands out from a
> visibility standpoint.

In Australia we say it sticks out like dogs balls. And it really does...

> if the potential customer originally targeted low wind displacement
> sailing over the higher wind planing alternative?

Nobody targets low wind, never met one. One extends interest in windsurfing and increases sailing time by catering to lower winds as well. I'm currently based in inland North america, from Australia. Sydney was all good winds and waves, here if I stuck with my Sydney ocean-side high wind standards I would seldom sail. (As some do here.)

So I decide to practice moves, do fun freestyle, social sailing, teaching kids, etc. Or one can just wait that the wind is good enough for them. Plenty of that here. Less sailing time, lot less. We don't all live in Hawaii.

> That's certainly debatable, but I honestly think most folks that
> hang with the sport over the long haul are looking for excitement
> and they learn how to make the best with what nature and
> opportunity provides.

Mmmh, here at least it's not the all-around crowd that switches to kiting, but the go-right-go-left crowd. I'd get bored, I find they do too. 5 years max. But perhaps it's just here...

Anyhow, all your points well taken, this is a good thread.
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