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Having come to windsurfing from surfing, the idea of riding waves has changed a lot over the years. Fortunately starting surfing in the longboard days and then moving into the new age world of shortboards in the late 60s, it gives one a sense of history and the growth of the sport.

However, what I found later with the birth of much smaller twin fins and later with tri-fins, the style of surfing changed. Rather than moving down the line, the direction of modern surfing started focusing on more vertical maneuvers up and down the wave. No criticisms about this, it's just about a bit of history and how things played out.

What I would like to emphasize here is that riding the waves always included riding up and down the curve of the wave, even though during earlier times that was a bit less radical up and down.

But let's look at little closer at Hibbard's comments. A 9'8" board really isn't going to be that radical up and down for the average surfer, but that doesn't mean that one can't use the relative area of the pocket up and down under the lip to drive down the line. In fast steep waves, its about staying fast and tight in the critical sections, and when things are really unwinding, regardless of board length. Sometimes going vertical will only mean that you miss making the section and ultimately getting inside the green room.
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