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Hi Stefan,
I've not had the new 6.6 Hucker proto long enough to test it with several different masts, but I think the mast selection is going to depend on which of the Hucker's features you want to bring out the most.
If you want top speed and excellent range, then probably the best mast is the Speedstick 460 or Powerex Z-Speed 460.
If you are wanting more bump and jump performance (with the emphasis on jumping) then the Backbone 460 RDM will give you the tightest upper leech and the most "airtime".
Any 175-210 cm boom will work nicely. A smaller boom (HPL Freeride) will work nicely as well. Just make sure you don't get a boom that needs to be extended to it's full range to fit the 6.6 m2 Hucker's recommended boom length of 199 cm.

On your Retro, you might want to send the photos to the Sailworks loft as well. If you aren't in a hurry to get it back, they can restore it to like new condition for not an exorbitant amount of $$.
If you "got rolled" in the Lake Michigan surf, it seems very lucky that you didn't break your mast as well.
The 6.6 Hucker will be a little better, in extreme conditions, but if you have breaking surf, any sail with carbon tube battens is going to be subject to some damage if it gets rolled in the surf.
Hope this helps,

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