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Archimedes von Karmann
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Long ago, the case was made, and borne out since then in the science of hydrostatics, that the most significant objective measure is the maximum buoyancy, which would be the volume times the density of displaced fluid minus the weight or the immersed object... And this tells you how much additional weight the hull can support, at rest (i.e. no motion in any direction), before being immersed completely.

Once in motion, it's a different story.... other factors come into play... of a hydrodynamic nature... the basics are simple enough to be within the scope of a modern-day engineering undergraduate course... however a complete and detailed understanding can be... elusive... and as a result practitioners in the field rely on ad hoc generalizations and empiricisms, rather than rigorous proven theory... which is why board shaping and design are said to be more art than science. One hundred years ago, the same was said of aircraft design, which is based on related principles.
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