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Hello Anon!

I think the main issue here is that you have interpreted my post in a way that was not meant. Steve C has actually hit the topic pretty square on with his historical view of surfing style.

The post that you quote was within a thread all about the differences between the 11'2" (a square tail "longboard" style sup board) and the 9'8" (a progressive fish type of board). I was trying to point out that the nice drawn in tail and inherent glide of the 11'2" allows you to paddle in, trim and cruise down the line in a more 'old school' style - An upright torso kind of style - surfing the board from your hips (just like the surfing of old, as Steve C points out). This is more applicable in soft , mushy waves that don't really have any defined pocket of power and just roll on in towards the beach in mushy sections. This is where the surfing side of sup is so great - the ability to catch tiny waves and have a long and cruisey ride. The 9'8" is a more fish orientated board and while you can pull in, trim and cruise it prefers to surf in a style more akin to the shorter board surfing style, where you drive with a low body angle and really work the pocket of the wave - getting speed from the driving of the board, popping the board up for a floater and cutting back into the pocket.

Sup surfing is a bit different to prone surfing but you can draw similar comparisons between say a 6'6" Thruster and a 9' + long board. The long board can drop in and trim, maintaining speed and glide, where as the smaller thruster needs to be 'driven' down the line - if you try to drop in and trim on the thruster you'd soon run out of float and glide.

Here are two pictures which hopefully get across what I was trying to say. Click on them to see them bigger:

Cruising style (using a 12'6") -

You can see here how the board is being surfed and literally just pointed along the wave. This particular wave is really slow and mellow so perfect for 'longboard' style cruising.

Driving style (using a 9'8") -

Here you can see that the body is low and 'driving'. This wave is a fast peeling beach break.

Its all relative. 9'8" in prone surfing is massive, but in sup is relatively small and for the purposes of the thread in question was being compared to a bigger board.

It would be great if you could raise these type of queries over on the sup forum. Nobody is trying to say they are an ASP level surfer and it is all about trading views and opinions and learning all about this growing discipline of wave riding. It's great that you have questioned it, as maybe my original post was not that clear and open to misinterpretation, but it would be cool if you came over and joined in the discussions rather than looking to score points by taking it out of context and posting here.

As to whether I surf the answer is yes (that's me in the pictures above) and this is me on various boards. Do you Stand Up Paddle?

Supporting -
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