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Default Sonic 85 v SType 93 v ISONIC 87

Hi Guys

Just curious if I would get more on water sailing time with a Stype 93 over my old Sonic 85? What are the major differances in handling, speed, early planning, and general sailing.

Also how does the SType 93 compare with the ISonic 87, the other boards in my line up are EVO 75 Kombat 86 Sonic 85, ISonic 101 and 122. or eh Formula 160

Looking at getting rid of Sonic 85 and Kombat 86 and replacing them with a SType 93, reason for selling Sonic 85 as I dont seem to get that much sailing on it due to conditions and also using the 101 to full potential. I also weigh 84kgs.

Received the 101 the other day awesome board mate.

If I was to get the Stype 93 in wood what sort of range of fins would you recommend??

Thanks in advance


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