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Not sure...but i was yesterday teaching a young kid in his new GO 155 and his Power Drive 4.8. I was on a SUP 126" and a Gator 6.5 and was teaching him from this equipment. Having the center fin helped me to be always close to him and while he was riding his new board i was playing some freestyle. The wind was light...maybe 6-9 knots. But I had fun.

We were the only two guys in the water. The rest...sitting in the beach just looking us. I am not the one to say who had more fun...but I considered my afternon really gun, sporty and for sure...there was no waves...because in that case, i would have taken my paddle and go surfing.

Have fun...if you have it...then Mkting is Ok. It works for me.

As soon as I have this pictures...that the mother of this kid took from the pierr I will post them.

Have matter the wind!
Best luck!!!
Ricardo Guglielmino
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