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Smile Love my Sup!

Hi all, I love my 11'2 SUP.
Here is why,,,,,
1) I can surf it.
2) I can paddle it.
3) I can sail it.
4) I have taken my previously anti water/waves girlfriend for a ride. (she loved it)
5) It keeps me fit.
6) It gives me more time on the water with more options. (especially now my girlfriend is into it)
7) I can lend it to friends who have never windsurfed or surfed or paddled without worrying too much about it being cracked, dinged, or broken.
8) And most of all I love it because it takes great skill and practice to surf/paddle well.

It says nowhere on the box or instructions that ownership means we are forbidden from owning and racing Formula or Slalom gear. It says nowhere that we can not go out and rip on our wave or freestyle kit. It's not lying. It does all the things it says it can, and it does them easily.

I don't particularly like freestyle, (mainly because i'm crap at it)

Maybe some people don't like SUP for the same reason?

Yes I agree, there is a lot of hype, Maybe too much?
But you should see how """HYPED""" My friends are when they sail or surf for the first time.
You should have seen how """HYPED""" I was catching tiny little 2 foot point break right handers that normally I wouldn't have bothered getting wet for.
And how """HYPED""" would you be if your girlfriend FINALLY STOPPED busting your balls for spending too much time in the water?

Relax and go Fast :-)
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