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Default RE: Gybing a 150 to 175 liter board.

Funny, Del, but I don't find that so true. I didn't mention that I'm trying to gybe large sails (6.6, 8.4) in light winds. Dropping down to a 6.0 makes it easier. However, I've yet to gybe my 125 liter, 8'6" board, while I can easily gybe my older Curtis 310 (130 liters) with a 6.0. With the newer wide board, I sink the tail while gybing, and it becomes rather unstable. However, I haven't tried it yet with a 6.0. I also have noticed that with the Calypso, other sailors will blow by me, but I almost always cut more gybes than they in moderate chop. The added weight of the Calypso makes it more stable.
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