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Hi Paul,

Q1) Will I match upwind/downwind and planning ability of my current setup of FW155wood (year 2001), 9.4 sail, and 65cm fin when I change the setup to iS145, the same 9.4 sail, and say 58cm fin (or should I go bigger)?
(I will not get bigger sail than 9.5 in a near future)

A1) iS145/58cm fin : Marginal wind upwind/downwind and planing ability will be close but marginally behind F155/65cm everything else being equal. Gap will close as wind increases. Speed in beam or reaching mode and control in chop (again, more issue at the higher end of these boards range) slight advantage : iS145
If you take the iS155, (wider tail/rear planing area) you can use larger fins (in a practical way say to 64-65cm) and you will get to F155/65cm
marginal wind upwind/downwind and planing ability (so say, sub 10 kts performance) but will not be as optimum at the 10/11 -15kt end of the range c/w iS145.

Q2) Can you please give width and weight of the iS145 and 155?
A2) iS145 is 88.5cm wide with tail width 60.2cm
iS155 is 95.5cm wide with tail width 66.8cm
Production weights on these two (and many other models) we don't have final yet, but consider as aproximates :
iS145 Wood ~ 8.0kg +/-
iS145 Tech ~ 8.5kg +/-
iS155 Wood ~ 8.5kg +/-
iS155 Tech ~ 9.0kg +/-

Hope that helps sort it, please let us know if more info required.

For Paul : I think Remi answered now re the Apollo inthe other thread.

Cheers ~ Ian
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