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Hi Seasharp,
When you installed the footstraps did you "spread them out" by one or two holes?
Are the straps too tight front to back or vertically.
They will open up an incredible amount UPWARD if you pull the velcro inner strap all the way loose, then really pull UP away from the board so the inner starp pulls back around the metal wire bail.
I have very wide sz 42 feet and even with thick bootes I have no problems with the footstraps on the Futura 133.
But, I ALWAYS install the footstraps with at least one hole extra as I find that if I can slide my foot fore and aft a little, and turn it so my heel pushes on the board a little more fore/aft I can trim the board out much better.
Footstraps are not like "ski bindings". They only need to hold your foot firmly to the board.
It's OK for your foot to be able to turn a little.
If you have no tried rear hole in the back to front hole in the front, please try it.
Hope this helps,
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