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Default RE: RE: Sonic 85 v SType 93 v ISONIC 87

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your detailed explanation, you have confirmed what I already thought regarding the ST 93.

At present my quiver is 7.8 to 6.5m and use the 7.8 mainly on IS 122 and 101 and occasionaly use the 6.6m which feels slightly small for the 101 in powered up conditions

I feel that the ST 93 will suit my style of sailing in overpowered conditions especailly with 6.5m downwards, as my sails from 6m down are uncambered.

I will use the evo 75 from 5.25m downwards

I reckon Ill get the ST 93 and sell the Sonic 85 and kombat 86.

Yours in Sport

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