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Default Seeking allround wave-board

Hi there.
I sail in Denmark in the Baltic Sea and Kattegat and would like to exchange my much beloved Fan.Goya 80 (03-model , 250x54) for a new 08 wave-board.
My weight is 78 kg and I have been windsurfing for 30 years .
I am searching for a one-only wave-board and would therefore like the new wave-board to have the same range as my current board: I use a 5,2 and
4,5 m Ezzy-wave on the board and only seldom (once a year maybee) my 4,0 m., so the board must be comfortable esp. with the 5,2 and 4,5. I like to jump(no loops ,I am 45 yrs) and want to train/perfect the wave-riding part.The waves are normally 1-2 meter only seldom more , since I dont sail in the North Sea.
So the question for the Starboard team : I know the EVO 75 will give me more wave-riding , but will it be as early planing with a 5,2 and as controllable with my 4,5 / 4,0 m ,as the Goya 80 it is going to replace?
Or do You have other suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.
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