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For an Unregistered poster, you're a bit on the demanding and fiesty side. Sorry, I honestly missed your post.

I guess it comes down to the locals versus the visitors on the Northshore.

Do you have a dog that barks, or maybe some chickens that like dawn? Having been to the islands a lot since the mid 70's, I know that the local scene isn't always that easy overall for those owning property.

Hey, good luck! I know in Santa Barbara that just wanting cheap and affordable housing can be quite a challenge. Really, unless you have your act together financially with a great job, and more importantly, you're willing to invest in your future, the trick stuff can be awfully distant and tough.

As a visitor, Nothshore Maui must be getting stupid with the new regulations. Frankly, a Kihei vacation is not worth it in my mind. Why would anybody stay there?

Hey, good for you. One less visitor to the island, and all that might represent.
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