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Thumbs down Reverse side rigging

Last weekend I rigged for the first time a new Severn Overdrive 11.0 (2008). I had many Gaastra sails and one NP before and found weird that the Overdrive rigs on the opposite side. I took a while to reverse think downhaul cable tread to a correct (no crossing) setup (this just tells you how much stupid I am), something that I just do without thinking on my "normal" side. Not a big deal but simple things should be standardized in the industry. Port or starboard rigging side differences is just another annoying little thing, affects the extension cleat position as well, winch side, etc. I loved the sail but hated the rigging, I know I will get used to it but it will always be a slower process as this will be my only "wrong" rigging side sail.
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