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You think rigging on the wrong side is bad, well, I just bought a sail (won't mention the manufacturer) that only goes on port tack (wind from the left)! If the wind is from the right, I can't even leave the beach! I have to get towed out by a ski so I can sail back! And when the wind is from the right, I have to swim all the way back at the end of every reach! Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was the exact opposite of my previous sail, which only went on starboard tack! Forget about gybing or tacking, let alone any takas, flakas, grubbies, goiters, spocks, or pinatas - er, I meant, punetas! Luckily the sailing side and rigging side for both these sails were matched, so there was no unnecessary flipping of the sail on the beach!

I agree with you 100%, someone in the industry should get a clue and do something about standardizing these @#$% things so at the very least they all sail on the same one side only, even if they rig any which way!

PS: I just thought of a solution, which I will try at the very next opportunity: I will sail clue first for the "bad" direction! I've read somewhere that it can be done...
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