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Hi SteveC

Sorry if I was being feisty - beneath my humor was a genuine interest if there was a reply to my points. To be clear again:

1) I've got nothing against visitors - our local economy depends upon them. At the same time, as a fellow long time resident who has witnessed the changes to Maui resulting from unchecked development etc, it is my considered opinion that the 'aina and local communities need to come first at this point in our history.

2) While there ARE a flurry of onerous new regulations that effect windsurfers, the vacation rental laws have been on the books for a LONG time - it is the thriving underground illegal vacation rental BUSINESS that is NEW. This administration has stepped up enforcement, because affordable housing is a HUGE issue, and the illegal vacation rental business has taken thousands of rental units out of normal circulation, as well as reducing the available pool of houses for sale by several hundred - and that's just Haiku.

This is a small island, with a lot of different cultures living in very close proximity. When one subgroup profits hugely from a illegal business in a way that makes everyone else's cost of living go up, relations are strained, and quality of life is compromised as a result. It is no fun to come home to a pissed off neighbor, and building giant walls and gates around every new project is not helping.

It all comes down to aloha - and illegal TVRs do not fit the bill.
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