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I'm not trying to be too insulting here, but I'll offer some honest thoughts about things as I see it. One thing that should be clear about here is that I've been a lifelong Democrat. Maybe this isn't clear to the international community, but anybody from Hawaii should understand and appreciate my perspective a bit better. Also, I should emphasize that I have no investments of any kind in Hawaii.

First, from a practical perspective, you have to be quite naive and innocent in your view of things. In the real world, unless of course you can support the fact that you're some indigenious native of Hawaii that might qualify for certain extra special rights, I find that in the real world here in the US that a protected status for the average citizen is a pipe dream.

I've lived and worked in Santa Barbara for almost 35 years, but what does that guarantee me? Does it mean I have a special right to inexpensive housing, or maybe other rights that a new resident to the area can't attain? Certainly not. Think about it. My right to be in SB is based on my ability to float and support my game. If I can't afford it, SB is history.

Should a Maui resident of a certain number of years have special rights that might be viewed like earned airline miles that can be spent how one might think suits their purposes? Maybe Hawaiian born residents should have special rights regardless of their performance and contributions to the community. Does that make sense?

Quite honestly, the American system just doesn't work that way in the real world. Those with the finances and wherewithall to take risks and make investment decisions tend to win overall when the decisions are sound, or fail if they aren't.

Is a Maui resident that develops a property and hopes to balance the situation through ocassional rentals a criminal? Sure seems like the County of Maui wants to make that a reality.

Will the nonsense and difficulties being offered by the current Maui County administration trump all? These folks are now having their day in the sun, but their stupidity and a small vision of the future is surely going to come back to haunt them. I'm sure that folks that invested and built properties for reasonable short term occupancy will eventually have a say. The world is getting more expensive and most investors worth their salt want to benefit and grow. We're talking about capitalism here. The heart of the American system.

The TVR prohibition thing hits the investor hard, particularly a local resident that's trying to forge ahead and find some leverage to afford to live in on Maui and enjoy a productive lifestyle.

The last thing real people need is impossible restrictions and laws that constrict growth and well being. Of course, if guaranteed welfare and automatic government support has predominance over the real estate market and a productive capitalistic society, a lower class category of citizens will find a comfortable home and existence. Kind of a socialist inspired haven for underprivileged masses.

Is that what we should be striving and hoping for? I think not, despite my Democratic convictions.

Lastly, noboby has offered anything concrete about how the pricing of legal Northshore rentals is affected in this slash and burn county environment. Sometimes I think that the real statistics and facts are hidden to fool and deceive the public. I feel like the locales are being riden and used here for specious reasons, and that they don't truly understand their fate.
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