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Any thoughts on 2007 Evo 70 versus 2007 JP Real World Wave 69? Thanks in advance!
I've sailed both recently, in 4.5 light/gusty conditions. My impressions, entirely subjective:

* Slogging. Similar, both go windward ok.
* Quick-to-plane. Evo better.
* Planing. Evo smoother, RWW has the annoying JP signature slappy ride.
* Quickness/responsiveness. RWW reacts quicker to banking and foot-steering.
* Bottom turn. RWW gives more control of radius.
* Off the lip. Similar.
* Top turn. RWW launches way more spray.
* Big air. Similar.
* Flatwater pop/chop hop. RWW sticks to the water less.
* Passing the whitewater. Similar.

Comparing the boards side by side: nearly same length, width and volume. Evo seems to have more parallel outline vs. curvier outline for RWW. RWW definitely has thinner rails and thinner tail, and, according to the specs, it's a half-kilo lighter. Then there's that voodoo channel bottom on the RWW - but it seems to work...

All in all both work very good, no real negatives.

Maybe someone else has same or different opinion? Let's compare notes.
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