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If you want something close to your Goya, the PA74 will be it. If will easily cover the range you mention. I think that board would offer a similar "fast and effective" feel as your Goya (which was a fast board too) but in a more modern and compact package.

But then there is the EVO, as you write...
If you're serious about perfecting the wave riding in the Baltic sea conditions, the E75 will in my opinion make this a much easier job. You loose a bit of rail bit feel (but it still bites, just with a less well defined feel) and while it planes as early as a PA74 with a 5.2, it need some more coaxing to get onto a plane and go upwind when you're at the absolute min planing limit. But you gain an almost fantastic ability to go more vertical towards the lip when wave riding. When I watch people wave ride, this stage is where most have their problems and EVOs simply make it easier meaning faster progress.

I believe both the E75 and ad PA74 will handle 4.0 about as well (and they should handle it at least as well as the Goya 80). The difference is that the PA74 likes to be driven a bit more over the fin while the E75 more likes you to "let it loose".

So, the choices are there: PA74 which is a fantastic "plug and play" board which will offer you familiar feel but require a bit more finesse to make the best use of your wave conditions. EVO 75 which will help you develop as a wave rider and probably make you hit more lips with better speed but maybe also feel less "natural" in B&J type sailing.
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