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Hmm one thing strikes me here folks.
I am not from North America.

But is getting busted running and illegal TVR a "criminal" offense or a "civil" offence in the USA?

Ok i can see selling dope on the Hana highway, running over pedestrians drunk at longs drugs parking lot, asaulting people without being legally at war with them , or maybe hitting humpbacks with a jetski.......

But running a short term rental house???

if so Ok but i hope a balance can be struck.

I am sure many investors flocked to the northshore for investments purposes it seems for some reasons to do short term VRs.
But why dont these same people want to rent to longterm people??? Rent contols?? Long term renters seem like a better more predictable income ..

is there something i cant see here unregistered? you seem to have your finger on the pulse.

I am sure the Aina have suffered enough. But if the county wants more long term rentals they should give landlords some incentives, and better yet or start building themselves and take matters into their own hands, that is literally ( as in start building!!!)

not unregistered

call me :superunknown
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