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Default how the media sees us

Is this how the media see windsurfing?

from "the fall of the house of Bush" by Craig Unger
Quote" It did not help that a photograph of Kerry appeared in the national media in late August showing him in an expensive, tightfitting wetsuit and windsurfing, an image that seemed both ill-advised in that it both showed him at leisure and pursuing a FLAKY, NON MAINSTREAM diversion" - capitaised by me.

When refering to US presidentail candidate John Kerry in the last run for election. Kerry windsurfs and kitesurfs.

On another point - if everyone on the forums complains about the cost of windsurfing gear, why do the brands keep coming out with new lightweght boards and increase the cost by $600 over the standard board? Do these boards sell in any numbers? Do the ones complaining still buy them? Do we just whinge as we hand over the money or do stop buying?
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