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Hi superunknown,

Your view is quite refreshing, especially since it's coming from the outside. However, I'm afraid that Maui's county government might have a different agenda that isn't that friendly to visitors, unless you want to stay and spend on the south side of the island.

From my perspective it's a local versus visitor decision factor. With the constrictions that growth might involve, at least in my opinion, the county government has decided to limit growth on the Northshore for visitor use in favor of the chance that owners will rent to locals at a much reduced income overall, irrespective of this creation of an "illegal" environment. It must be remembered that the county looked the other way for some time, and that's truly sad overall.

While there might be an argument for giving so called locals an advantage in the future, I wonder whether that makes sense from a long term perspective. Locals which do not have financial strength to stand on the top of the game would love to live in the best spot on Maui for a song, but the windsurfing and kiting markets are clearly putting pressure on that. Visitors are beginning to understand the special advantages that the Northshore offers (unquestioned from a knowledgable point of view), unfortunately, to the downside of the local low income residents.

It's kind of that capitalistic force and direction that can be found in free a society, and it truly works to limit the opportunities of those at the bottom of the income ladder, especially if it was a previous stronghold for the poor. Living in Santa Barbara, I readily understand the consequences in this type of situation. But in a free market, the forces can undermine those with little strength and financial holdings, and this advantages those with greater strength, vision and capability. Therein lies the dilemma here.

Is the county government up for the real future? Unhappily, I don't think so. Yet, these limited horizon folks were elected by the residents of Maui, and that has meaning overall, at least to confuse reality. However, can the will of the locals win over the future of a vacation focused Maui, only time will tell.
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