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Having travelled windsuring to costa rica and the many places in the carribean, Dom Rep aruba , margarite i see that every year more and more people are building and buying properties throughout the islands. People who dont necessarily live there.

There is local resentment against these people. So the maui goverment atttitude is nothing new or out of human nature. And yes the "locals" cannot or have a damn hard time trying to compete.
But a trend for real estate to inflate for speculative reasons ( in this case a beautifull warm island) can be seen anywhere on many different levels.Take the micopcosm of a city, and a neighbourhood that is touted as a new development , prices go up for what reason???

"the county government has decided to limit growth on the Northshore for visitor use in favor of the CHANCE that owners will rent to locals at a much reduced income overall"

CHANCE its seems indeed a haphaard policy, what if they dont and sellout and more off islanders buy up at prices now even with better value.

I am still wondering why they dont rent to long termers now whats the incentive for VR to exist and rent to short term people. It cant be Tax evasion for the sake of ??

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