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Instead of changing the subject (again!), why not address some of the points that were raised in response to your previous posts?

Bottom line - it is always good to hear all sides of an issue. But your mindless regurgitation of the idea that an illegal business should be allowed to destroy a local community despite countless well-informed rebuttals has become really irritating.

We get it - YOU (who haven't been here since 1997 and have no clue as to the actual situation, or the demographic make up of those who wish to leave current zoning ordinances which prohibit TVRs unchanged) - are going to make an extra special effort to also not visit THIS year because you take exception to the idea that ohana, kokua and aloha are important to the people that live here.

I'm guessing Maui will manage to survive your boycott, as would this forum should you decide to take things to the next level.
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